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Would You rather Own One Million Dollar Domain Name or $1000 at $1000.

But First The News Sells for $1.15 Million. Bungalow, a marketplace for residential real estate that offers tools for landlords, raises $75M at a $600M+ valuation led by Deer Park Road Management (@gilliantan / Bloomberg) Look at the Summer Yui Dai LinkedIn PostJust learned that my friend has sold about six 2L.comdomainContinue reading “Would You rather Own One Million Dollar Domain Name or $1000 at $1000.”

Clubhouse Show 8/19/21 News, Lists and Broker Sevan Derderian

Million Dollar Domain News at Evergeeen $35m Sells for $2.5 Chinese Government Disrupts marketplaces, encourage use of Own Website (Domain?) Welcome Sevan Derderian For 6 very productive years, Sevan worked at AT&T, hitting every sales goal and bringing in companies like Akamai Technologies and Apple One Staffing. His extensive training at AT&T SchoolContinue reading “Clubhouse Show 8/19/21 News, Lists and Broker Sevan Derderian”

Million Dollar Domains 8/11/2021

Articles referenced in today’s show. (Sub 1 Million) New Announced Sales show 1 Word .coms were selling for Million plus sooner than the pandemic. domain name was acquired for $1,820,000 in 2015. Source A recent SEC filing has revealed that the domain name was acquired in April 2015 for USD $1,820,000 Owner Posts on LinkedINContinue reading “Million Dollar Domains 8/11/2021”

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