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Page Howe’s Tandem Website for Clubhouse talks in Domain Club Million Dollar Domains. Wednesdays 1 PM EST

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Million Dollar Domains 2/2/22

Links Mentioned in Todays Report Telepathy’s Changes Hands Right of the Dot (MONTE) New Auction GUTA – 2021 Sales Summary Enters Private Beta (JamesNames) Sells for $800k, Plus at $1,288,000 – DnJournal Confirmed Amazon buys Embrace (Elliot Silver) ads to list of upgrades acquires atContinue reading “Million Dollar Domains 2/2/22”

Million Dollar Domains on Clubhouse December 1, 2021 – Part 1

Looking at a List of 4000 Dictionary Words $1 Million Plus Highs and Lows – Seen in the Real World ( Analysis of 4300 Top English Words 1 dropped in last 60 days Sedo make offer  414 Dan make offer 191 Namejet 9  and 8 from Aftermarket.comContinue reading “Million Dollar Domains on Clubhouse December 1, 2021 – Part 1”

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