April 7, 2011

Million Dollar Domains Past Present Future w Page Howe.
Special Guest Frank Aiello BrokersCrowd.com

Page’s Pick From Week 1 Boxing.com sells for $1 Mil.+

Domain Tournament – Elite 8 to Champion
Thirsty.com 3,000,000
Playback.com 600,000

Pleasure.com 800,000
Audio.com 1,800,000

Culture.com 2,400,000
Greece.com 900,000

Crawl.com 500,000
fe.com 1,200,000

Pounds.com 3,000,000
Cave.com 925,000

Left.com 500,000
Table.com 1,200,000

Pageant.com 3,500,000
Stamina.com 500,000

Cotton.com 900,000
Engine.com 500,000

III. Sports Domains

Page’s value Pick From our First Show was Possible Reported sold for $1 Mil +

Lets Look at The Sports Landscape

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