7/28/2021 Page talks with Grit Brokerage’s Brian Harbin and Michael Law

Million Dollar Notes and Sales

More About Brian and Michael at GritBrokerage.com

Citroen Holdings update all-time biggest Sales.

Hello 9 Figure Asks – Property.com and Properties.com $125M

and Boom


Sports.com at $6 Million to SPAC.

FanTokens.com Possible at $3 Million w Twitter Handle

GritBrokerage Highlights This Years Upgrades

Maybe the best summary of upgrades year to date, over $50 Million worth.

Godaddy Reports February Selected Sales

LiveWire.com at $632,500 Stands Out. Shows we are still in price discovery for two words domain names.

Google buys a .com
Can you guess which domain name did Alphabet, holding company of Google just buy? Well currently Alphabet company is hosted on the domain name at abc.xyz, but they have now registered abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com as well. Source

Dave Evanson has some new inventory

Withdraw. com Waiver. com Triumphant. com Trait. com Stonewall. com Shade. com Puff. com Ploy. com Paradise. com Jewel. com Jetski. com ink. com illustration. com Hogs. com Dire. com Clinch. com Bronze. com
Reach out to Dave at Sedo dave.evanson@sedo.com to be added to his newsletter.

House.com – $100 Million
Follow Yue Dai on LinkedIN

From his recent posts:

Domain investors have told me excitedly that House.com is worth between $50 million and $100 million.

Pages Question – Can the Second name in a group yeild more than the first (in this case Home.com) because the bar set, more people read about closed sales and there are fewer left after #2 goes. So risk taking first investor in a them can be “in the money” once sales reported.

Recents Additons at GoDaddy with Buy it Now ($50,000 and under)

xchain.com $50k

These are Minimum Offer

MarijuanaStore.com $50k
CannabisShop.com $50k
Blunts.com $50k

TreasureHunt.com $49,999

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