Million Dollar Domains 8/11/2021

Articles referenced in today’s show. (Sub 1 Million)

New Announced Sales show 1 Word .coms were selling for Million plus sooner than the pandemic. domain name was acquired for $1,820,000 in 2015. Source

A recent SEC filing has revealed that the domain name was acquired in April 2015 for USD $1,820,000 Owner Posts on LinkedIN (Source

Featured Article – Purchase

On Buyers Personal Blog

Million Dollar Businesses on Domain Names Reports Earnings

“The Company remains focused on driving high-quality traffic and leads while continuing to optimize marketing investments. Average Monthly Unique Visitors in the second quarter increased 16% and Traffic increased 10%, compared to the second quarter of 2020. Organic traffic was 72% of Traffic and grew 3% year-over-year.”

The full suite of CARS properties includes

Anatomy of the $800 Million sale at

Future Viewing/Reading

Elliot’s 2013 Article on

DomainSherpa’s List of Most Valuable Sales (2017)

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