Would You rather Own One Million Dollar Domain Name or $1000 at $1000.

But First The News

Near.com Sells for $1.15 Million.

Bungalow, a marketplace for residential real estate that offers tools for landlords, raises $75M at a $600M+ valuation led by Deer Park Road Management (@gilliantan / Bloomberg)


DomainAgents.com Look at the Summer

Yui Dai LinkedIn Post
Just learned that my friend has sold about six 2L.com
domain names in the last 12 months.

Todd Reum Offers up Brain.com at CategoryDefining.com

MovingYou.com and UHaul Big Companies Move into Two Words, and lose the slash

Back to One Name Versus 1000.

Or In Your Pay Grade

One $100,000 Name Versus 100 at $1000

One $100,000 Name versus 1000 at $100

One $10,000 Name versus 100 at $100

Pages Numbers

So would you rather

Have a 25% Chance of Making between 1-4 mil     
or Exit at   500,000 to 1.2m        


Make 1.4-1.8 Million        
With Chance to Make 3-5Mil

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