Million Dollar Domains on Clubhouse December 1, 2021 – Part 1

Looking at a List of 4000 Dictionary Words $1 Million Plus Highs and Lows Story –

Seen in the Real World (

Analysis of 4300 Top English Words

1 dropped in last 60 days
Sedo make offer  414
Dan make offer 191
Namejet 9  and 8 from portfolio
Domain Market 2
EPIK Market 27

Alexa 814
DMOZ 622
Maj Million’ 1254

GD offer 32

Fantasy Domaining

  email to  or dm

Lowest 50k 70k $5k $10k $15k 1250 mo  12 mos. 129500 3500 mo 700000 35k mo 850000 18k mo

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