Staging Million Dollar Domains 6/22/2022

Staging and Building Out Million Dollar Domain Names

Brilliant Directories (We discussed, Here is our affiliate code for free trial)


Week 2 Of Recruiting

Join us to build out your million dollar domain name.

If your already selling Million Dollar Domain Names passively, KEEP doing it.

If your hiring a broker or outbounding yourself – keep going!

but in this crypto winter, recession possible, inflation everything on old, everyone de-risking environment, can you do things now that take more time than money to increase your position when we emerge (post recession or post US election)

Why Stage or Mini-Buildout a Domain Name

1) Increase chances of and amount of sale.
2) see #1
3) Learn how to do one, rinse and repeat with new or better acquisitions or for others.
4) Start facing the challenges your buyer will face to better understand, explain and position your domain name for sale.

Be better together (thank you Todd) by doing it for the next 4 weeks with a group of investors also taking names toward a Million Dollars.

Three types of Staging

— Image and Prestige Worthy of Million $$

— Reprove the MVP of a Prestige Domain Name

— Be “real” in the industry where your finding prospects

or wait and hope or pay others….. which again if its working is a great strategy.

START SMALL – If it works for $1 it works for $1 Million.

Because NO one else is doing it.


Custom Build
Do it for Me
Plug-ins and Themes
Hosted Solutions
Landing Page Services

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