11/10/21 100 .Coms for Sale $50k=$10m

Welcome to the Million Dollar Domains Show for Wednesday 11/10/2021(Links are trackable and Incentive for Million Dollar Domains) invest.com 8,800,000 481 246000 3.29 USD tasty.com 999,999 256 246000 0.10 USD catalog.com 750,000 253 49500 0.36 USD glam.com 2,500,000 250 12100 0.30 USD 55.com 4,500,000 229 0 0.00 USD kick.com 750,000 223 40500 0.24 USD beep.comContinue reading “11/10/21 100 .Coms for Sale $50k=$10m”

Would You rather Own One Million Dollar Domain Name or $1000 at $1000.

But First The News Near.com Sells for $1.15 Million. Bungalow, a marketplace for residential real estate that offers tools for landlords, raises $75M at a $600M+ valuation led by Deer Park Road Management (@gilliantan / Bloomberg) Owner.com DomainAgents.com Look at the Summer Yui Dai LinkedIn PostJust learned that my friend has sold about six 2L.comdomainContinue reading “Would You rather Own One Million Dollar Domain Name or $1000 at $1000.”

Clubhouse Show 8/19/21 News, Lists and Epik.com Broker Sevan Derderian

Million Dollar Domain News ECommerce.com at Evergeeen $35m Marketing.com Sells for $2.5 Chinese Government Disrupts marketplaces, encourage use of Own Website (Domain?) Welcome Sevan Derderian For 6 very productive years, Sevan worked at AT&T, hitting every sales goal and bringing in companies like Akamai Technologies and Apple One Staffing. His extensive training at AT&T SchoolContinue reading “Clubhouse Show 8/19/21 News, Lists and Epik.com Broker Sevan Derderian”

Million Dollar Domains 8/11/2021

Articles referenced in today’s show. NLC.com (Sub 1 Million) New Announced Sales show 1 Word .coms were selling for Million plus sooner than the pandemic. Better.com domain name was acquired for $1,820,000 in 2015. Source FreeSpeech.com A recent SEC filing has revealed that the Better.com domain name was acquired in April 2015 for USD $1,820,000 Swag.com Owner Posts on LinkedINContinue reading “Million Dollar Domains 8/11/2021”

7/28/2021 Page talks with Grit Brokerage’s Brian Harbin and Michael Law

Million Dollar Notes and Sales More About Brian and Michael at GritBrokerage.com Citroen Holdings update all-time biggest Sales. Hello 9 Figure Asks – Property.com and Properties.com $125M and Boom Ladies & Gentlemen After 7 months of negotiations, I am THRILLED to report that PROPERTY .COM is now under contract. My 13.5% share will have aContinue reading “7/28/2021 Page talks with Grit Brokerage’s Brian Harbin and Michael Law”

7/21/2021 Million Dollar Domain at EPIK – Pages Review

Names Mentioned on Todays Show (These are Affiliate Links) Pages Best Names Deductible.com Partial.comYearn.comDetour.comBuyNft.comCrawl.comContinue.comCrude.comLastWill.comArtillery.comDescribe.comTempt.comPageant.comThick.comFrequent.comCarafe.commoneytv.comSpaceTour.comAdultLearning.comRemoteEducation.comDubaiProperties.netGoldFund.comPublicize.comInfantCare.comFragrant.comZeroEmissions.comExplanations.com Pages Value Names Complimentary.com    $ 100000 Click to Search In Market ContentMarketing.net    $ 88888 Click to Search In Market Projections.com    $ 85000 Click to Search In Market Blocking.com    $ 75000 Click to Search In Market TheTemple.com    $ 65000 Click to SearchContinue reading “7/21/2021 Million Dollar Domain at EPIK – Pages Review”

Million Dollar Domain Stories – Around the Web, Plus News and VPN.com

MDD News This WeekCool.com sells for $Million(s) TransferWise is now Wise.com – Our customers now need us for more than money transfers.We become “Wise” or “Wise Business” — depending how you use us. 10 Million Users. (Hat Tip to Raj) 2. What’s Missing From This Listhttps://www.business2community.com/marketing/5-powerful-ways-to-raise-your-online-profile-02413454 3. Whisky.com sale. Mid Level Domainers makes $200,000+ selling aContinue reading “Million Dollar Domain Stories – Around the Web, Plus News and VPN.com”

Welcome June 8, 2021 Million Dollar Domains. Today with Kevin Leto and Bruce Tedeschi

CLUBHOUSE LINK to SHOW And INVITE News of the Week. Million Dollar Domains From DomainInvesting.com – Did Facebook pay $6 Mil + for Bulletin.comB2C – Understand it – Know it. Its driving many of todays demands for one word domain names. HomeGym.com On the Market. Troy Dunn – Celebrity, Connector, Rich Content Champion. Domaingang.com reportsContinue reading “Welcome June 8, 2021 Million Dollar Domains. Today with Kevin Leto and Bruce Tedeschi”

June 2 Top 100 MDDs and Dave Evanson, Sedo Senior Broker

Million Dollar Domain Sale News George K finds Exodus.com $1,945,000 And Infinite Life Assets https://freespeech.com/2021/05/30/exodus-com-domain-name-acquired-for-1945000/ 2. George K Strikes Again finding Enjoy.com from 2015, $1,500,000 and SPACs https://freespeech.com/2021/05/22/enjoy-com-was-acquired-in-2015-for-1-5-million/ 3.Review of Ron Jackson’s DnJournal.com YTD Sale Chart Christmas.com $3,150,000 VIPBrokerage 2/17/21 Angel.com $2,000,000 Sedo 4/28/21 SelfMade.com $977,500 GoDaddy 3/17/21 Recursion.com $904,000 Pvt Sale 3/31/21 GoBet.com $850,000Continue reading “June 2 Top 100 MDDs and Dave Evanson, Sedo Senior Broker”

Million Dollar Domains 5/26/21 Godaddy $1 Mil Domains

pf.com $2,000,000 uv.com $1,500,000 az.com $4,250,000 oe.com $3,000,000 bu.com $4,888,888 oj.com $2,400,000 fe.com $4,888,888 ie.com $2,500,000 df.com $3,000,000 uz.com $1,078,125 glove.com 0 0 $5,000,000 tasty.com 0 0 $5,000,000 answer.com 0 0 $5,000,000 stability.com 0 0 $5,000,000 factories.com 0 0 $5,000,000 obey.com 0 0 $5,000,000 rainbow.com 0 0 $4,999,999 compound.com 0 0 $4,800,000 radar.com 0 0Continue reading “Million Dollar Domains 5/26/21 Godaddy $1 Mil Domains”