Quotes and Links – Why We Paid $1 Million for Our Domain Name. 5/19/2021

Andrew Roesner with Micheal Saylor on Sherpa Voice.com Seller https://www.domainsherpa.com/saylor/ Elon Musk Buys x.com https://www.engadget.com/2017-07-11-elon-musk-buys-his-old-x-com-domain-from-paypal.html https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/288629 PODCASThttp://okdork.com/podcast/8 https://great.com/

April 14, 2021

Welcome MrPremium.com Mark GhoriafiElite 8 to Domain Name Champion Thirsty.com 3.0Audio.com 1.8 ————- ———–Greece.com 900kFe.com 1.2 ————- ——————-Pounds.com 3.0Table.com 1.2 ————- ————–Stamina.com 500kEngine.com 500k ————- Bird.com – End User and Collector Collide? New Million Dollar Domains for Sale Festive.com 800kPleasure.com 800kCatalog.com 750Lobby.com 750Detout.com 650Nibble.com 500 Thick.com 350 Configure.com 300 Experimental.com 275 Digitize.com 250 Publicize.com 160Continue reading “April 14, 2021”

April 7, 2011

Million Dollar Domains Past Present Future w Page Howe.Special Guest Frank Aiello BrokersCrowd.com Page’s Pick From Week 1 Boxing.com sells for $1 Mil.+ Domain Tournament – Elite 8 to Champion WinnerThirsty.com 3,000,000 Playback.com 600,000 Pleasure.com 800,000Audio.com 1,800,000 Culture.com 2,400,000Greece.com 900,000 Crawl.com 500,000fe.com 1,200,000 Pounds.com 3,000,000Cave.com 925,000 Left.com 500,000Table.com 1,200,000 Pageant.com 3,500,000Stamina.com 500,000 Cotton.com 900,000Engine.com 500,000Continue reading “April 7, 2011”

March 31, 2021

End User Quotations From Purchasers of Domains https://www.webmastering.co.uk/domain-names/in-their-own-words-28-successful-business-owners-talk-about-the-importance-of-their-exact-match-domain-names/ UPDATED Bracket (Best Domain Available Tournament) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14b4Uk5CXxPMhqZ7UOI7_MLKlJU638_z-AaTVsaDT6HI/edit?usp=sharing Internet Stats and Number 2000-2020 https://websitesetup.org/news/internet-facts-stats/ and From 2010 Talking About First Decade

Todays Show March 17, 2021

Welcome Joe Uddeme from NameExperts.com and Louis Pickthall form BrandForce.com. Joe and Todays Topics – We show only a glimpse of Million Dollar Sales and Available Names Available Names Sedo – 2400 Names over $1,000,000 for sale, about 7% Even have a Pulse at 100k. Sales History DNJournal.com – 2021 1 Sale this Year Christmas.comContinue reading “Todays Show March 17, 2021”

Day One – March 10, 2021

MillionDollarNames.com is the tandem website for my DOMAIN CLUB Clubhouse talks each week at Noon US EST/EDT. Join us for Video at TheDomainShow.com – Click 24-7-365 for Zoom link or CLICK HERE. Zoom room has side chat, Pages share screen and other features. FREE. I have been fortunate enough to sell two Million Dollar DomainContinue reading “Day One – March 10, 2021”

What are Million Dollar Domain Names?

Do I go with MDDs or MDDNs? Which abbreviation is better. Ping me on twitter or instagram – @joedomains or page@milliondollarnames.com if you have a thought I can share in the mail bag next week. So what make a domain name a Million Dollar Domain? Ill start with three different ways: It sells for $1,000,000Continue reading “What are Million Dollar Domain Names?”