March 31, 2021

End User Quotations From Purchasers of Domains UPDATED Bracket (Best Domain Available Tournament) Internet Stats and Number 2000-2020 and From 2010 Talking About First Decade

Todays Show March 17, 2021

Welcome Joe Uddeme from and Louis Pickthall form Joe and Todays Topics – We show only a glimpse of Million Dollar Sales and Available Names Available Names Sedo – 2400 Names over $1,000,000 for sale, about 7% Even have a Pulse at 100k. Sales History – 2021 1 Sale this Year Christmas.comContinue reading “Todays Show March 17, 2021”

Day One – March 10, 2021 is the tandem website for my DOMAIN CLUB Clubhouse talks each week at Noon US EST/EDT. Join us for Video at – Click 24-7-365 for Zoom link or CLICK HERE. Zoom room has side chat, Pages share screen and other features. FREE. I have been fortunate enough to sell two Million Dollar DomainContinue reading “Day One – March 10, 2021”

What are Million Dollar Domain Names?

Do I go with MDDs or MDDNs? Which abbreviation is better. Ping me on twitter or instagram – @joedomains or if you have a thought I can share in the mail bag next week. So what make a domain name a Million Dollar Domain? Ill start with three different ways: It sells for $1,000,000Continue reading “What are Million Dollar Domain Names?”